Gemini cusps compatibility

We broke up bc he is no where near ready for the next chapter and i want to get married and start a family. Deep down I feel like we will reconnect maybe later in life. I've never felt more of a connection with someone.

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The point is that I am a Taurus Gemini cusp Born on the 21st of May and have doubts that a Taurus Gemini man born 22nd of May is interested in me the question is are we compatible?! I'm a leo august 14th with scorpio rising dating a gemini on the cusp of taurus may 26 and his rising sign is aries and we are doing quite well!!

We both are outgoing, always on the go, talkative! He is such a tough guy but a big softy deep down! He stays upset and hurt for hours where i bounce back in 10 minutes and im fine again and happy.

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  7. He is a bit of a hipocrit and manipulative at times which annoys me. I swear if i get mad at him about something he always finds a way to flip it back on me and make me the bad guy ugh! Also i am more sexual than him and freakier, though he keeps up pretty well and stays pretty open minded ; But it makes me laugh because he is always so romantic and sappy even in bed where i would rather be wild in bed. He would rather make love.

    Gemini cancer cusp man compatibility with scorpio woman

    He is sensitive, sappy, lovey dovey, childlike and giggly and then on the other side he is intense and gets very angry when he does and is a total tough guy,hard worker, aggressive, fighter, raw sex appeal haha. He came on very strong when we met, would have terrified most women but i am also quite aggressive so i loved it and actually thrive on his blunt aggressive nature. He is not afraid of showing and saying how he feels.

    He wants and HAS let the world know that he is madly in love with me, very sweet and flattering. We leos love flattery ; Anyways, please give me any feedback about any other info about these guys or about gem's and leos?? Hi, there!

    Shazam! Were you born on the Cusp of Magic?

    I am also a Leo gal Aug. Lately he's been paying a lot more attention to me than before--following me around sometimes reminds me of a lost puppy dog, haha , pointing out silly things like, "Hey look--we're both wearing white t-shirts today! Before all of this started he even invited me to a party, which I would have taken him up on, though I'm not really into being around large, loud groups of people.

    I suspect maybe he's trying to up his game now, haha. So at first I wasn't sure if he was just being friendly, as I know people with strong Gemini influences tend to be, like my mother, but I get the feeling he is somewhat interested in me. Says he finds me "intriguing. Lots of playful banter between us. Though, I find it's also true what you say about them being a little sensitive at times. I've seen this in him. It's still great. He seems really chill and fun and I do find him physically attractive. He plays guitar, as well, and I've always been attracted to musicians, as I'm one myself.

    I'm also glad he does have some Taurus elements to him because even though I do have a great friendship with another Gemini in my life my mom , she drives me absolutely NUTS with her inconsistencies. Hopefully, being on the cusp, the Taurus-Gemini I'm interested in will be somewhat more steady and reliable? So far, through past relationships, I'm finding I really do need someone with some pretty strong earth aspects in their personality or else I feel too unstable in the relationship.

    Anyway, I guess we'll see how it goes. Everything is great, I just wish he was more romantic and verbal. I feel like I'm more of a Taurus at heart, though. He is sweet and caring, but I'm really possessive and I get jealous. I wish I didn't have to make sure to hurt is "ego" all the time, I just feel the need to criticize him from time to time so he can learn from his mistakes. Am I making this relationship too hard on him? I'm kinda worried.

    Gemini Cancer Cusp + Taurus Gemini Cusp - COMPATIBILITY

    I have dated mostly Aries men, and found them to be immature, self centered. This cusp combination is magnificent! I could not seem to stay away from the Aries male, though it never worked out.. I don't want to hurt him because I love him I just want him to feel how I do.. I'm a May 20th taurus gemini as well and i have dated 2 leos and they went no where. They seemed to be way to sensitive for me and their egos get hurt waaaay to easily.

    Felt like they always needed to be reassured that i was into them. My view point, and this could just be the gemini, is that they need to relax and just have fun. It didnt work for me I am a taurus gem born May 21 and I have feelings for this Gemini man. He drives me crazy!

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    I have never been jealous about a man. I never felt possessive in a relationship.

    I was born close to the Taurus Gemini cusp. Am I a Taurus or am I a Gemini?

    I feel that way with him but I never show it. I feel like I am more of a taurus when I am with him and sometimes my Gemini comes out. With the others I felt like a Gemini. I know he likes me a lot but I know that sometimes I can't keep up with him mentally. He is a true Gemini!

    Has any other taurus gem had an experience dating a Gemini? I am a Taurus Gemini girl married to a Gemini man and he is a whirlwind!!!!! I think your good! Taurus gemini cusp and aries taurus cusp is a great match but your best match is a saggitarius capricorn cusp!! They are the only ones that have held my attention since I lose interest so fast in other people, plus they keep so much hidden that I love when I keep learning things about them.

    Of course they drive me crazy, but they seem to be the only ones so far able to keep up with me mentally. I detoured for a while with a Capricorn though and that was extreme! We had the best of the best, but the worst of the worst. Never in the middle since he completely smothered me and kept trying to control me. Never doing that ever again. So I'm back to a scorpio and besides having his mysteriousness to keep from driving me insane, he's been perfect! Although we both need to keep communicating in order to make things work, if we didn't, then we would have failed a while ago.

    Im a gemeni taurus cusp born may 24 im dating a pisces and pregnant, this is hell he a hoe and abusive, I hate met and stay together, I dog him out to, ive lost trust and really dont love him like I use to, someone help. I am a Taurus Gemini cusp woman born may 19 my Sun sign is cancer n dating a Capricorn with the sun sign Scorpio we argue like cats n dogs but can't stay away he's sometimes distant n has a really sharp tounge confident n sentimental at times emotional I'm very emotional sensitive n confident sometimes cocky lol but he's more of a ppl person n approachable I'm mean n hard on the outside to men especially but his difficult stern ways frustrate me but yet make me submit n I don't do that lol I've even looked up our numbers n they all read compatible I've tried Aries Taurus man n they bore me easy going but blah sometimes n I like passion n intensity but a healthy amount not the type that sucks your soul I am confused though if we're so compatible why do we bump heads.

    I cant do plans because one minute i really want to do something at 2 seconds after a totally can change my mind to the complete opposite.

    Also I am always fighting with myself arguing about diffrent random subjects. Its horrible! I'm a taurenimi liked that man born May I always have to be dominant.

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    I will flat out ignore someone if they do something that I disapprove of, in a way I've found that most others consider rude. I simply will not cede my ground unless proven that I'm wrong, or for political expediency, and sometimes for the sake of a relationship with an important someone. I have burned out multiple times by trying to do too much. I am also dangerously convincing. I'm a lawyer, so it's good for work, but in relationships I've found I have to be very careful and responsible with what I influence others to believe.

    Dude you just showed me a mirror. It left me gaping. Like wdf there's another guy who is so similar in traits with me. Cheers bruh. I myself need to work on stepping down in an argument part. Has bad effects in the longer run. Good luck.