Astrology stellium in sagittarius

For instance, a Pisces stellium in the first house will make a person want to come across as sensitive and charitable, while an Aries stellium in the first house will want to come across as independent and a go-getter.

The Meaning of 12th House in Astrology

The exception to this rule is a first house stellium in Libra. A lot of celebrities have first house stelliums, especially those who are in the public eye frequently. Everything you find in this house represents the personality traits that you cultivated and developed on your own due to your family, your surroundings and your upbringing. Someone with no planets in their 1st house is defined by the their Ascendant sign, or the sign that leads off their Natal Chart. This can cause physical disabilities. If the individual cannot control the energies of all of the planets, they become too strong.

Lessons in patience and self-control are needed. Since self-centeredness can become a problem, working through partnerships and 7th House matters such as counseling or consultant work can be helpful. One young man with a stellium in Libra was excessive self-conscious. He did not like the focus to be on himself. He submerges his identity with others. He went into the most dangerous brand of the Israeli army. He is sensitive to any criticism self-absorbed. Thanks x 2. Jun 30, 3. I have a Cancer stellium in the first: Sun, Venus, and Mercury.

I care a lot about how I come across and my appearance or how people perceive me feeds my ego and gives me a stronger sense of self worth. If people challenge them in a rude way I take it as a personal affront and go all out to defend myself Or I cut them off completely because nobody has time for the constant defending. It depends what planets are in the first though Jun 30, 4. Jun 30, 5. Jun 30, 6. I also have a Scorpio stellium in the first house with the Sun, Mars and Pluto. I don't think I care what others think of me.

I idealize because I want to be comfortable and satisfied with my secrets and intimate relationships. I also make idealizations because I think through myself and my self-expression, I can work well with others. I fantasize because I want to explore and learn more about my everyday life and health.

Natal Planets

I also fantasize because I think that through my beliefs in the world, I can be imaginative and creative. Planetary Meanings in Astrology. Explanation of the various Astrological House Systems. The 1st House in Astrology. Developed Emotional Natures seen Through Astrology. The isolated Moon in a chart. Retrograde Asteroids in a Birth Chart.

Musical Taste in Natal Chart. Originally posted by minakothesuicidal. Why Aries might run away from love: They fear showing their softer side or losing a sense of independence and individuality. Why Cancer might run away from love: Fear of betrayal, fear of vulnerability, or fear of losing them. Why Leo might run away from love: Fear of ego being unwrapped and exposed or hesitance to sacrifice.

What Is A Stellium? How To Interpret Your Zodiac Chart Accurately

Why Scorpio might run away from love: Fear of being truly vulnerable or not in control or self-loathing in someway. Here are some starter-sites:. And then most importantly, to further advance your studies I highly recommend purchasing books. Astrology books are not that expensive when you buy them from places like ebay or thriftbooks.

I think finally, astrology requires a lot of observing but also socializing…Reading about placements will not give you firsthand experiences on how they manifest in others. Nor does simply observing someone allow you to understand expressions of certain placements when you are not interacting.

Sagittarius Stellium (1999-2002 emphasized)

Its a cool book, one of my favorites. Posts ask and ye shall receive Archive. Placements that may indicate talent in:.

Art in general like dancing, makeup, writing, painting etc. A group of teen girls learned to code, solder, sew, and 3D-print to invent a solar-powered tent for the homeless. How to Analyze a Stellium. Original Content Masterpost.

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Originally posted by minakothesuicidal Why Aries might run away from love: They fear showing their softer side or losing a sense of independence and individuality. Is there a website you went to or maybe a blog here? A friend with such a stellium visited the United States.

What Is A Stellium? How To Interpret Your Zodiac Chart Accurately

He stayed in Baltimore for 2 weeks and then he stayed with me. When he was with me, he forgot all about his friends in Baltimore. And, when he left to stay with one of my students, he became oblivious to me and certain obligations that he had to me. He focused in on the person he was with and lost sight of everything else. If I had not seen this myself, I never would have understood this phenomena. A very independent friend with such a stellium would always lose herself in a relationship, devoting all of her energies to what the partner needed without regard for her own needs To end this obsession, she would just run away from the relationship.

Gaining control over the uncontrollable is important sc that studies in the occult, life after death, medicine, holistic health, financial planning are good outlets. In handling large amounts of money, the individual should always be personally in charge. Accountants and other financial planners can really mess things up.

I believe that the 8th House rules all things totally beyond our control and our attitude towards such affairs. There is a pattern of taking control and then knowing when to release. Obsessions with the uncontrollable can greatly complicate the life. One individual with a stellium in Cancer in a financial planning yet he always feels out of control in his relationships because I have observed that he disempowers his relationships — he does everything and makes all the decisions, and then the other person cannot stand alone.

This is a problem in knowing when to release. The healing talent of the 8th House is taking control, orchestrating the changes and repairs alone and then releasing it to a client. These mentally oriented people can easily live in a world of philosophy and theory. Theories about life and relationships can keep them from living in the real world which is so typical of Sagittarius. Rather than become moralistic, they need to teach and share what they know — then allow others to draw their own conclusions.

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