February 16 horoscope for libra

The Moon was said to be in Libra when Rome was founded and this was based on the historical passage, which state " qua condita Roma ". Manilius once said that Libra was the sign "in which the seasons are balanced". Both the hours of the day and the hours of the night match each other. Thus why the Romans put so much trust in the "balanced sign".

Libra: Your daily horoscope - November 12

They called the area the Latin word "chelae", which translated to "the claws" which can help identify the individual stars that make up the full constellation of Libra, since it was so closely identified with the Scorpion constellation in the sky. According to the tropical system of astrology, the Sun enters the sign of Libra when it reaches the northern autumnal equinox and the southern vernal equinox , which occurs around September Libra is said to be compatible with Aquarius since they share a sense of fairness and curiosity for design. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This article is about the Western astrological sign. For other uses, see Libra disambiguation. Illustration of Libra in a Flemish manuscript from the early s. A full moon in your fellow Earth sign of Taurus warns you must not take foolish risks, especially when travelling or otherwise on the move. Keep your eyes and ears open and be aware of the directions from which trouble might come.

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You may have cash to spare at the moment but the planets warn it will drain away quickly unless you limit how much you allow yourself to spend. Do you really need those latest gadgets and gizmos? Certain people will try to make life difficult for you today but they will only succeed if you allow yourself to get angry. If, on the other hand, you stay calm and treat it all as a joke then they are the ones who will look bad.

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You may want to be convinced that you will not fail before you embark on a new venture but nothing in life is that certain, so weigh up the risks, make your decision, and either go all the way or stay right where you are. You must let a friend go their own way and do their own thing today, even though you believe they are making a huge mistake. If they are, they will learn something valuable from it. There will be moments in your life when you will do a bit of soul searching and people whom you've helped in the past will jump to your rescue. Prepare to read a special report below.

The zodiac sign for October 16 is Libra.

February Horoscope 2020 Overview

Astrological symbol: Scales. The sign of the Scales influences people born between September 23 and October 22, when in tropical astrology the Sun is considered to be in Libra. It is suggestive for knowledge, balance and justice. It has no first magnitude stars while it covers an area of sq degrees. It is placed between Virgo to the West and Scorpio to the East.

The name Libra is the Latin name for Scales. Opposite sign: Aries. This sign as the opposite or complementary of Libra reveals responsibility and adaptability and shows how these two sun signs have similar goals in life but they reach to them differently. Modality: Cardinal. This modality reveals the cautious nature of those born on October 16 and their dynamism and enthusiasm in life in general.

Ruling house: The seventh house. This placement suggests a space of partnership, altruism and balance achieved through cooperation. This is suggestive for the interests of Libras and for their behavior in life.

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Ruling body: Venus. This planetary ruler suggests imagination and lust. The Venus name comes from the Roman goddess of romance. It is also relevant to mention about the revelation component. Element: Air.

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  4. This element suggests the experience of life through many different aspects and a sense of flexibility throughout for those born under the October 16 zodiac sign. When associated with the other three elements, it either heats, evaporates or suffocates them.

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    Lucky day: Wednesday. This is a day ruled by Mercury, therefore symbolizes crystallization and rapidity and identifies best with the Libra natives who are ambitious. People born on October 16 benefit from being neutral, dignified and great communicators. Just like a true Libra, they are empathetic and loving. When they are not out there trying to save the world they turn into very introspective beings and enjoy meditation and relaxation techniques.

    They dislike superficial people and not being be listened to. Those born under this sign enjoy settings where have the occasion to guide and offer moral support. Positive traits: These natives have a domestic nature, they enjoy spending time surrounded by their family, in the comfort of their home.


    October 16 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

    They are also warm-hearted and thoughtful. Libra people are usually broad minded and considerate they seem to come with the right solution in no time. Those born under this sign are also practical and efficient. Negative traits: Learning to relax and stop over thinking is one thing Libra needs to do. The have to understand that worrying only makes things worse and a clear mind is sure to get the right solutions. Those born on this day are born perfectionists and this can damage their self esteem, unless they fall in the other extreme and become vain and sarcastic.

    They are sometimes intolerant and selfish despite their fame of being the most helpful and understanding people. They also have their moments of being fastidious and controlling. Lovers born on October 16 are romantic and loyal.