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Neeta Bakhru is a qualified Vedic Astrologer.

Does Shri KN Rao do Horoscope Readings for the website?

She spent several years in astrology research and has authored a number of research articles under the guidance of senior most faculty member Shri K. She has over ten years of experience advising clients based on their horoscope and essentially helping them achieve the best in life with the help of astrology. She is known for her accuracy in predictions and practical advice to create effective solutions.

She believes that Astrology is a science that is not meant to scare people by predicting their future but to help them to plan their life better by being aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their horoscope. Raman became largely synonymous with the s, particular mention should be made Hindu astrology; in his home country, he was of the highly productive Rangachari Santhanam distinguished by a number of awards, including or R.

Santhanam; — , who was also honorary doctorates. Raman was persistent in his advo- est in Hindu astrology outside of India from the cacy of astrology both as a science and as part s see below onward. It is translation: necessary, however, to point out that while the number of English translations of Sanskrit astro- hose who know Astrology can only indicate in logical works increased signiicantly through the a way what will take place in future.

Who else, eforts of several translators during the last two except the Creator Brahma, can say with cer- tainty what will deinitely happen? Raman some detractors, are typically imprecise; but the later ones are not including K. Krishnamurti discussed below. Raman wrote on most aspects of Indian It would be impossible to close this section astrology, including less mainstream variants without reference to Kotamraju Naryana Rao such as the forms of interrogative astrology or K.

Among other in India and abroad. Rao, who irst learned theories, C. When these the Institute of Astrology within the educational 16 divisions are superimposed on one another, trust Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, where the degrees they result in parts of varying extension. Krishnamurti — , who created in its defense when this reform was challenged much controversy by his outspoken criticism in court. Krishnamurti B. Raman, R. Santhanam, and K.


Rao — claimed to have perfected his system by compar- repeatedly return to it in their books and peri- ing many horoscopes of twins, which difered only odicals. Gopalakrishna Row, writing not uniform, and are typically quite terse in their under the pseudonym Meena, who was known to astrological reasoning, diferent interpretations K. Apart from those already men- more openly. Patel; — , an able Sanskrit B. Raman quoted above.

As destiny is ixed once and for all, the ments difered sharply. Some of ernization process here related chiely to shits the articles published in Astrology and Athrishta, in the medium and intended audience of astro- written either by K. Krishnamurti himself or by logical instruction — from traditional oral teach- his students, were later collected to form a series ing within particular hereditary groups, based of readers of KP astrology. Since his death, the on Sanskrit sources, to the use of widely avail- system has been preserved and developed by his able printed manuals in English and the Indian students, including his two sons K.

Subramaniam vernaculars — and, to some extent, to technical and K.

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Rao — , mer half of the 20th century was typically limited whose ideas have likewise found a large follow- to the borrowing of isolated concepts — although ing. Old [— described as simplistic and highly symboli- ]. Along with purely astrological vocabulary, cal, even verging on the poetical, and strongly religious or philosophical terms such as karman inspired by Hindu mythology; his methods for were also employed in this Western discourse on predicting future events are based on simple tran- astrology, but their meanings were oten quite sits, or the continuous apparent movements of radically reinterpreted.

In the German-speaking planets through the zodiac.

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With the antecedents of astrology could, however, save its gradual difusion of Hindu astrology, there is a practitioners from persecution in the hird Reich, growing number — perhaps a majority — of non- and German interest in Hindu astrology did Indian practitioners not formally ailiated with not lourish. In fact, I consider myself very lucky that I got to study under his guidance.

In addition, it was easy to follow and grasp him as he conveys his knowledge of different aspects in a manner which was easy to learn. I have attended a workshop conducted by Rahul Sir a few months back. And I was blown by the best astrologer services in India that he is providing.

Dr. Anuradha Rai - Dubai based Astrologer, Numerologist, Vaastu Consultant & Vedic Life Coach

He shares his knowledge in a profound way. Moreover, as for any doubt during the workshop, he explained it in such an easy manner. That is why he is one of the famous astrologer in Delhi and India. Email Address. About Us. Astrologer in delhi consultation 1. Complete horoscope Analysis 2. Remedies for All the Areas 3. Contact Us. Vastu Consulation 1.

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