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Jigs Swim with waves and be positive.. Embrace all the blessings whether its good or bad. AMCW What's going on? I give. I help. Not to expect anything in return,but damn. Ever since , thing's, life, personal , business, family, work,hell even money just don't seem to have a piece of peace or the pie.

Not to be greedy or selfish,but when will my newness arrive,the best to come or the dust settles? C'mon universe,while I'm still alive ,please let things get better. What's up with this time period? Help , please!!! Eliyaa Yeah friends m also a piecian March 19th But the same thing were with me too. I've seen lots of looses n bad bad experiences of my life forever since to I've spent the baddest moments in these years my life gets totally change I've lost everything that I loved including my friends,family,my study, my goals, can anybody tell why it happened with me??

I want that time back I wishhh. Miles Pisceans are emotionally weak, it is our nature. Same with me I experienced depressive years from and same with you I want to take back the time when everything is okay. But of course, that's not possible. I focused to foresight where I want myself to be in the future. Set a goal for yourself and trust your ability that you can do it.

Tell yourself that you can be what you want to be. Uplift your self-confidence, guard your emotions and avoid any distractions becoz we pisceans are sometimes easily distracted and disappointed so if possible mingle with positive and strong-willed people. Little by little you can have your family and friends back. Good luck to you. My friend My friend my saviour Thank u for being there with me and showing all that excitement best friend ever.

Ms D Best year ever It's kool what's not ment to be is not ment to be I don't mind if my other half brags about he played with my emotions - I'm a giver not taker Oh well then I got what I asked for thou. Maggie Hi Kk, thank you for the tips. I found an audio book on YouTube. For whom ever wants to listen instead of reading or on a financial bind to purchase a book. British While I realise that there is truth to the horoscopes, as Pisces, you must learn to love yourselves. I too am not a social person, but I love to be in my own company Yes, there are a lot of not so nice people out there, but learn to set boundaries for yourselves.

Appreciate what you have within you.

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Hope I meet a guy his a Capricorn. Is he the true love for me we been together for four months Abite How compatible is this prediction with reality? I'm a Pisces and don't get much from these predictions. Lou Looking for balance and peace Mar Any news on the front The last 3 years have been tumultuous. She walked away with no notice, due to a lot of life's stresses, loss of loved ones and life's pressures that became to overwhelming for her, and we've been having having starts and stops ever since.

The latest was a miscommunication on my part where I thought she was ending it so I got fed up and just left without trying to ask for more clarification.

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Long story short I reached out to her after a several month hiatus because I just love her and miss her and miss my best friend. She was not receptive and is off dating again. I professed my undying love for her and told her I wished to rekindle our love, but that I would respect her wishes and stop communicating with her. All this to the point of this post. This has been a very difficult emotional year for me. It is not as almost all the horoscopes predict where it is going to be a fantastic love year for Pisces.

Understanding they talk in generalities but we are heading into the second half of this year where things are supposed to heat up and where past relationships are supposed to be revisited. Am I hanging my hat on to much here. At the very least I just hope that we can get some sort of closure and have at a minimum a discussion. That was my initial intent when I reached out to her and she rebuffed me.

I miss my best friend. I think people put their hopes and dreams into horoscopes so as not to deal with the reality of their life and situation instead of leaning into it and working thru the "hard". My reality is that as much as I don't want to accept it, it is over. And me trying to find someone or something that can give me glimmer of hope like horoscopes is just denial and putting off what I have to do which is deal with the reality that I don't want to because it is going to hurt to much. Although I need to acknowledge and be thankful for the rest of my life is going well I'm going back to being a practical person and stop reading and putting any stock in horoscopes.

Ironically I never read them except when my life is bad. Reddy Hi. I am Pisces born on March 1. The year look to me the worst I never seen. I have lost a job and nothing is happening right at all.

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I am having financial loss too with no job. Anokhi Hey dears.. Nyway feeling toooo much stressed.. Michelle [quote]Message from Anokhi Hey dears.. Rahil Even my birthday on 27 feb as well. Piscean Well same here friend, life has been good until ,but sudden turn of events, mistrust, loss of respect, mental and physical abuse from wife. Keeping fingers crossed that bad times will get over and good times will come soon.

Marilyn I have also experienced the worst year and my was amazing!!!

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This year is a total flop but you are not alone! Dnt b stressed. Mango Life is what you make it and how you get what you want Sometimes we have to live learn and forget and then move on Hope that helps. I was wondering will it change for the positive in a couple months or more? What shall be my outcome? Rewarding I hope. Kim Yes, it will get better - but not perfect until Is this about a job? If so, you'll find something that works - but it gets better in If it's just a "situation" - hang tight and just "know" it's getting better. Marcus You won't make money if you are dishonest If you are honest then you will make good money but not at someone else misery Also don't give your money away be fair and you will see through the clouds of dishonest people.

Dhula It depends who good your project is Make sure it's honest. Dillil Halo to all piscians Is it true that the things happen as per the astrological forecaste if yes plz share as I have not experienced it atall. Sharon Hi 11 march born I am tired and fed up not one horoscope has gone right for me , like noting matches at all.

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I even saw the tartoscope as well same story. Like noting matches surprised. Hope things go good with me, life sucks at the moment. Like we are kinda special, and because we a re special we are capable of going great places, doing great things for ourselves and others, and quickly climbing to new heights and doscovering new highs. Like try to stop looking so hard!! Like ill tell you what, I was 21 and i had everything i needed and wanted and fucked up lost everything and landed on my ass.

And its finally looking up, 6 months later You Will look up too! Ctr Can the writer stop using the word "but" and use "and" instead. But seems to be negative. Lena You will be fine have faith [quote]Message from Sharon Hi 11 march born I am tired and fed up not one horoscope has gone right for me , like noting matches at all. Eve heyya im a 23 year old pisces born on the 12th of March. Mag Me too, same age and sign and moved to Us to work. Sieg Im a Pisces of 18th of March, born in My experience is that many Pisces in their younger years including me are quite the drama queen.

The older you get and start to appreciate and except yourself, for who you are, the less this so called roller coaster will play a big part of your life and you will learn, that balance and peace within yourself is living so much nicer.