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Even from an early age, March 9 people have a clear picture of what they want to do with their life. Whatever they aspire to, they lay careful and intricate plans. They are drawn to pursuits requiring intensive training. Money is often a source of controversy. March 9 natives are constantly perusing their character, searching for the one reality that will explore and explain the totality of their existence.

They often have a problem separating their personal identity from their work, though the relationships they seek out will help them accomplish this. Jill M. Phillips is the author of hundreds of articles on astrology as well as dozens of books. She has regularly written forecast columns for Astrology: Your Daily Horoscope. March 15 Birthday Astrology. She is 2 years old and really coming into her personality but also testing us and testing all her boundaries ;. I want to make sure I am finding the best approach to discipline her and teach her right and wrong.

Thanks you so much.

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Your article has been so ensigntful! Apology for delayed reply. Sagittarius and Pisces β€” 2 dreamers in a pod! How wonderful! Just remember that Sagittarius can sometimes get impatient and bleat out hurtful things. So, when your little one gets under your skin, take a step back and take time to remember just how sensitive Pisces souls are. Your knowledge has been so helpful. Any tips would help. Libra mother bursting with excitement over this sign. Their father is a Gemini and brother is an Aquarius. We are in the midst of having a full spectrum of astrology signs in our house lol I would love your insight on creating a happy and healthy relationship between us all.

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There is definitely a bond between my husband and son already, they really come together over information and facts. Hi, this is very interesting read. Hi Gemini mom to two Pisces, a boy 1 and a girl 2 and their birthdays are 2 days apart.

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Any tips on getting them to reel in the emotion just a tad lol. My boy rages then cries and my girl bursts into tears at the drop of a hat. Hi my name is Felicia I am a Taurus mother with moon in Capricorn I read the article about my 5 year old daughter so on point.

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I am really reserved but want to build a bond with my daughter. Please help thank you. I am a Leo mum to a 3 yr old Pisces girl! I just had my daughter on march 14 this year. I was wondering what kind of relationship I would have with my sign as a Scorpio nov 15 th. I just came across your site! I just had my first child, a Pisces boy on March 16th. My husband is Scorpio. Our son is Taurus and our lil one is Pisces. Her brother on the other hand was never shy, he was a very stubborn child but is more calm now. Taurus and Scorpio dad tends to clash a lot.

How can I be the best mom to my Taurus son and pisces daughter. I am a Pisces mom who just gave birth 4 months ago to a Pisces son. How will we mesh?

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My husband is an Aquarius, how will he mesh with our youngest son? You know this describes me completely a 15 years old and frankly my parents says conflicting info compared to this but it describes me really well. Your email address will not be published.

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November 9, at am Reply. November 18, at am Reply. November 23, at pm Reply. Jiya says: Hi Bernadette I am an Aries woman married to an Aquarius man we are going to have a little Pisces boy join us, any advice for us young soon to be parents? November 24, at pm Reply. November 28, at am Reply. Kashea says: Hello! December 3, at am Reply. Sure hope that helps. December 4, at pm Reply.

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December 14, at pm Reply. Kashea says: OMG you are spot on when it comes to my son, thats exactly what it is, he works in short spurts. December 16, at pm Reply. Bernadette King says: Hello, Kashea; Apologies for the tardy reply.