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His secret to happiness lies in helping others. His glorious line of work and large clientele base of celebrities and industrialists is a testimony of the competence and caliber he holds of his profession.

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Ranked as the best celebrity astrologer in India , his astrological techniques combine Indian and western astrology, to find scientific and reasonable solutions. He has been instrumental in changing the lives of many from all works of life through effective astrological solutions and Vastu tips. Associated with several TV channels, he makes regular appearances on TV media where he shares his knowledge on Vastu science, their importance and their effects.

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Acknowledged as a famous celebrity astrologer in India , he has shared the stage with actors like Vishal Sharma, Mr. Rakesh Roshan, Mr. Sharman Joshi, and Mr. Jeetendra, etc. Pawan Kaushik being felicitated by bollywood personalities at an event For him, astrology has a deeper meaning; it is super science that delves into the meaning and purpose of human life.

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  • Naturally gifted with intuitive powers, he has been honoured with several awards like The Peace Ambassador award, and he is also associated with several magazines, TV Channels and publishing houses. The science that can predict our past, present, and future- Vedic Astrology holds the key to various sects of our life that can unlock our true potential. A horoscope or Kundli is the sole weapon of an Astrologer to foretell the future of a native.

    With a unique approach towards predicting the future, the Astrologers at Future Point guide through a blend of practical solutions after analyzing the Janam Kundli. With this modern conundrum of the future forecast, the predictions always work and effectively aid the patron in living a problem-free life.

    Future Point prides itself in providing the most authentic solutions that are strictly based on Vedic Astrology principles, along with a touch of pragmatism. Dedicated to the cause, the astrologers have one single goal: to find out the root cause and deal with the problem from there.

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    Headed by Dr. No matter what trouble bothers you or what issue underlies the happy times in your life, these Astrology consultants sure know how to treat their clients with the most effective astrological remedies. With Dasha Analysis and transit predictions along with Kundli Dosha predictions, you can be sure about saying goodbye to all your problems. Home Astrologers.

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    Sanjiv Puri Numerology. Suresh Atrey Astrology. Nisha Ghai Astrology Palmistry Numerology.

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    Abha Bansal Astrology. His predictions are met with trust, respect, and often with awe bt their clarity. Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant has a wealth of knowledge on astrology, allowing him to derive insightful, well thought out predictions to keep your life on track and moving forward. Ask questions and get to know reliable astro answers from the best astrologer. Indian Astrology is different from the Western Astrology in certain aspects.

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    In India, different astrologers follow different astrology principles to predict future. However, Vedic Astrology is the best kind of Astrology available in the world today.

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    Vedic Astrology was developed by the ancient Indian sages several thousand years ago. Their findings stand true even today. In India, majority numbers of Astrologers follow Vedic astrology. Astrologer Umesh can answer all your questions and solve all your problems with ease. As a Vedic astrology expert, he recommends some effective remedies to his clients so as to reduce the malefic effects caused by the planets.

    Owing to vast experience and immense knowledge about astrology, we are recognized as Astrology expert. Our wide range of services includes:.