January 29 lunar eclipse horoscope

Today, an alignment between Uranus the Planet of Surprise in Aries and the Moon in Sag shakes up humanity and inspires us all to adopt a higher consciousness in regards to the way we live our lives. For you, Libra, your relationships may surprise you today, taking a turn for the better after a potential … Continued. For you, Virgo, this energy may feel a bit disruptive when it comes to your daily routine, but … Continued. Just make sure that … Continued.

Today, an alignment between Uranus in Aries the Planet of Surprise and the Moon in Sag shakes up humanity and inspires us all to adopt a higher consciousness in regards to the way we live our lives. For you, Cancer, you may find yourself more spontaneous and acting unpredictably today.

Horoscopes for the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn – July 12222

For you, Taurus, since Uranus is about to enter your sign in 12 days, for the first time … Continued. For you, Aries, since Uranus remains in your sign for just 12 more days before shifting in Taurus, … Continued.

Today the Moon remains in freedom-seeking Sagittarius. Nearness to Perigee, Perihelion and Ecliptic are the factors that will simultaneously combine to produce the extreme lunar brightness. The moments surrounding a lunar eclipse often produce the brightest Moons, since a Full Moon near the ecliptic particularly benefits from the Oppositional Flash during which lunar surface shadows are made invisible to observers.

Thank you again, Curt. All good details that can add up to a little extra sparkle. Pardon the pun, but we appreciate the extra illumination you bring to the topic!


12222 Eclipse Charts

At least you tried to explain the Perigee coincidence…likely to blankstares. A lunar eclipse does not need any over-hyped nicknames.

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I understand, and as a former news writer and web-editor I respect that sites are seeking clicks. And maybe you have to walk that tightrope.

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  7. For an example, I normally would share your link on FB for my non-astronomer friends. But I take a stand on this, and you end up losing potential clicks.

    Anyway, my opinion. Respectfully, Mike. Mike, Clearly, those other sites have gone overboard. I do like the full moon names only for the traditional aspect they bring to the topic. But I understand your frustration with hype. Whatever way you choose to share the eclipse with friends and neighbors, I cheer you on. Clear skies! Well, some interesting comments about supermoon, wolf moon, blood moon, bad moon rising, etc. Lunar angular size at apogee and perigee is given.

    I have seen some photos showing the obvious difference when comparing the images, side by side. Hopefully, many folks will be able to enjoy this total lunar eclipse in Cancer coming soon now. Do it every time you see the moon, day or night. If you can see it, you can discern its diameter, whether it is full, a crescent or gibbous.

    Welcome to Capricorn season, Virgo!

    Make it a double blind study by noting which ones seem smaller or larger if you get that far after measuring it once or twice and then compare your results to past dates of actual apogee and perigee. The amazing measurement is one taken of a full moon that is very near the horizon when it looks as big as a basketball.

    Really looking forward to the eclipse. By the way, has anyone else got a Jan paper Sky and Telescope where the British Isles are missing on the eclipse visibility map p Most strange! The British Isles are not shown on page Good news, I checked using simulation software. The Moon will be in Cancer, about 25 degrees altitude and degrees azimuth. Looks like partly to mostly clear skies later with temps down near C for the eclipse.

    Thanks, I thought I was going crazy! First off, thanks for this fantastic article! Every tribe, or maybe even band, across North America had their own local set of month names based on cultural values and the progression of the natural year in their area. The whole point of these names is that they are local and non-standardized. Please be aware of this. Thanks for all you do to encourage this. Thanks, Kathy for your comment. No disrespect intended. I understand the issue with full moon names — there are SO many! I have to say though that being from Minnesota and living just 6 miles from Wisconsin, I like that name equally well.

    Sunday Sees The Year's First Solar Eclipse Set The Stage For January's 'Super Blood Wolf Moon'

    I watched the Eclipse on and off from first contact of the Umbra on the Moon until a few minutes after totality. It saved a lot of gas, frostbite and aggravation. Not certain how many Lunar Eclipses this is for me. At least 10 to Bob King et al. I did enjoy this total lunar eclipse tonight — it was great! Observed EST. I enjoyed the total lunar eclipse tonight in Cancer. I used mm refractor with mm Delos. Great views at 71x and 1 degree true FoV.

    Middle of totality tonight was Jan at EST. Tycho crater exit time, Aristarchus exit time, Grimaldi exit time, and Copernicus exit time — looked accurate based upon my cell phone time. The new year begins on a sober astrological note, with the Sun leaders and Saturn responsibilities aligned in the cold, unemotional sign of Capricorn at am. This signature says it is time to put away the noisemakers and the champagne and put nose to the grindstone. The year T-note could make a high right out of the gate based on previous astrological patterns linked to when the futures contract first began trading.

    Old ideas are new again on January 4 as Mercury plays well with Uranus, making an exact degree aspect at am. The communications planet is in tell-it-like-it-is Sagittarius and is working in concert with Uranus in Aries, which is all about stirring up the revolutionary dust. These two planets together are pros when it comes dissemination via social media.

    Meanwhile leaders have the opportunity to express their ideals with the Sun in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces at pm. First, the communications and trading planet, Mercury, entered the sign of Capricorn on Friday night. This signifies that it is best to say what you mean and mean what you say. The Sun and Moon were sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto in the sky, providing serious support for going down new paths with serious and responsible intent. That puts particular emphasis on U. Third, the planet of revolutionary change, Uranus, began moving direct in motion in the sign of Aries on Sunday at pm.

    It moved into Aries from Taurus on Election Day , so the revolutionary ideas that have been bubbling up since then will be able to move forward now. Uranus moves into the sign of Taurus on March 7 and will stay there through April , putting its revolutionary and surprising focus on banking, finance, the Earth, and agriculture for the next seven years. Finally, money planet Venus enters Sagittarius at am on Monday.

    In this sign, Venus prefers to support exploration, justice and international affairs. Buckle up for volatile news and trading on Tuesday, January 8. Mercury, the planet that rules trading, stock indexes and communication is at degree square angle to Mars, the planet that rules aggression, at am. Mercury is in Capricorn, so the words are serious and spoken with authority. Mars is in Aries, so is willing to go to war over the words. Intensity among leaders is paramount on Friday, January 11 as the Sun and Pluto are exactly together in the sign of Capricorn at am. In Capricorn, the focus is on business and government.

    The Sun represents leaders and Pluto represents transformation.

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    Leaders of any stripe are intent on getting things to go their way. On the flipside, there is potential for leaders to be transformed and change their mind. Based on previous planetary positions at significant market lows, be on the lookout for a low in gold and year T-notes. The big astrological news this weekend portends rising inflation, rising interest rates and rising energy prices.