Different houses in astrology with lord of houses

The native will be long-lived, have good health, be physically strong and successful in his efforts. He will be self-made, will occupy a high position and hold property. He will be popular and wealthy. The mother of the native will command respect.

The children of the native will travel abroad, if the fourth house is connected with the first, for higher studies and will make long journeys. They will be of good conduct. The native may marry more than once, or have liaison with more than one woman. If the owner of the first house is an enemy of the owner of the seventh house, the native will not have a satisfactory married life and will find difficulties in the way of partnerships.

The spouse or partner will face danger to his life or adversity. He may not be very close to his own relatives. The native will serve somebody but will have wealth with little effort.

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He will be stoutly built and will be of good conduct. He will be eminent in his clan and will be attached to his family in case the owner of the first house is a friend of the owner of the second, is exalted there or is in its mooltrikona sign. The owner of the first, if well placed in the second house due to reasons recorded in the previous sentence , it will improve the longevity of the native. The native will also earn in the name of his wife. The native will beget children with difficulty.

A powerful owner of the first house well placed in the second house is an excellent indication for very high status and wealth for the children of the native especially the first child. The native may not have good relations with his father and his wife. He may have a relationship with more than one woman. He will do well in school and later will be well read. He may have a religious bent of mind.

He will find it difficult to pull along in a partnership.


7th Lord In 1st House Krs

He will be wealthy. He has good relatives and friends. He will many more than once. He will be courageous and a self-made the man. He will be efficient at work. He will earn wealth through his own efforts but if there are indications in the horoscope for poverty, the native will have to work very hard to overcome these indications for even a reasonable modicum of wealth. His wife will prosper after her marriage. The native will be religious. He may be in service of somebody.

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He will be good at conveying his ideas and may travel frequently. He may do well as a mathematician or musician. He will be a skilled writer. He will earn through writing if the first and third houses which are related to each other here are also connected to the second, tenth or the eleventh house. He will be on cordial terms with his parents and will receive patrimony, have the support of the government, will be wealthy, and live in comfort. He will have property, learning, conveyances and will be mentally at peace.

He will have better than average appetite. He will be of studious nature and may be interested in the occult. He may be popular with the masses and may do well in inter-personal relationships. The elder brother or sister of the native may do well at speculation or in the field of fine arts. He will have few friends. He will be highly intelligent, well placed and will keep good health. His mother will be rich from the earnings of her business. He will have good, well-behaved children but there is a danger to the life of his first child. The first child shall be fortunate if he survives and religious.

The native will be attached to his children if the owners of the first and the fifth houses are friendly. He will be clever and will have an interest in music, fine arts, speculation, and sports. He will have a good income and his ambitions will be fulfilled. He will be initiated in spiritual practice and will take to japa repetition of spiritually energized words called mantras. The uncle may be short-lived.

10th lord in 5th house astro pankaj

This will be so since the owner of the first house, which will be the eighth house as counted from the sixth house, will be in the twelfth house from the sixth, and will thus form a Vipareet Rajayoga. The native will not be able to pull along with his mother-in-law. A powerful owner of the first house here makes the native have more than one wife. If the owner of the first house is a beneficial planet, the native may face problems from his enemies. The native will spend much and will get fame and wealth from abroad.

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He may be in service but he may be doing a job that is not to his liking and the native may take it as drudgery. A weak and afflicted owner here makes the native sickly, indebted, dirty, and low in body vitality. The native takes to arms. He may become a robber, soldier, policeman or a surgeon, provided the second, tenth or the eleventh house is also connected here. The reason is simple. The first, third and the eleventh houses are indicative of acts done by the self. The sixth house is representative of weapons or sharp-edged instruments.

The second is the house of money, the tenth represents the profession and the eleventh, gain and income. There is a danger that the native may be a complicated personality. The native is likely to be attached to his spouse unless there are indications to the contrary. The married life will be to the fore. He will be handsome and sensual and will like female company. He will travel extensively. The native prospers in partnerships or by the efforts of his wife. His wife may not live long and he may marry again after the death of his first wife.

L-8 in 1st House:

He wins turn reclusive later in life. If the owner of the first house is a male planet and is located in the seventh house it indicates that the native win get married with difficulty and he will have extramarital relations.

The affairs of the first house will prosper. He will not like his relatives. His children may travel extensively and may author books or reportage on international affairs.

Planetary time periods...

Natal will be learned person, earn honour, RajYog and enjoy authority. Natal will earn money, good business, profession. Natal will be in the position to create job opportunity for others. Malefic connections or aspect will spoil situation. Saturn, Mars and Sun are considered as a good. Second lord connected with eleventh house is considered as a good combination. Eleventh house expands karkatva of second lord. Good position for money and gains. Connectivity with trine or centre, then its a very good position. Malefic connections, habits will be spoiled, such as eating habits and language etc.

Second lord in twelfth house: Natal will collect money from religious activities, or can be respectable govt. Natal may earn from foreign country or from hospital also.

If this connection is afflicted waste of money or poor financial status. Natal is brave, artistic; music related, loves or participates in drama, movies and dance etc.

The 12 Astrological Houses: Interpreting Your Birth Chart Beyond the Zodiac

Can be a sports person or hobby related. With auspicious connections, then eager to learn but with malefic connections will be a critic, always eager to know weakness of others. Third House Lord in second house: Third Lord placed in 12th house from its own, poor in courage.